Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Angry Birds–Tips & Tricks That Breaks Beaks & Bricks!

We love Angry Birds! We love how it has become the defacto mobile game and has vigorously capitalized on its success by creating plenty of spin-offs and tie-ins. Good business, but it also has good gameplay.

Below we reveal to you the tips and tricks to take your bird flinging to the next level.


Red Bird
The standard bird with no special abilities. For best effect, always aim it at glass or wooden structures. Stone will stop it dead in its tracks.

Yellow Bird
One of the earliest birds with special powers, tapping while its in mid-flight will cause it to accelerate and fly further. Strong versus wood, but surprisingly weak against glass. Aiming at an angle to the ground will case it to roll and take out multiple pigs or structures.

Blue Bird
It is the weakest bird and can only be successfully used against glass or to directly hit the pigs. However the ability to split into 3 can be used to hit multiple segments at the same time or to push structures down. Splitting the bird early on reduces its strength significantly. Split the bird when near the target to have better pushing / breaking power.

White Bird
These birds are basically bombers. The eggs they drop can be used to break stone, wood and glass. However the blast radius is quite small so you will need to be very precise.

Black Bird
These birds are flying grenades. They can break objects with their weight, and after around 2 seconds will blow up destroying stone, wood and glass. Their blast radius is large  enough to push structures and pigs of platforms. You could also tap anytime to immediately blow them up.

Boomerang Bird
One of the most fiddly birds to handle. They spin when thrown and will reverse direction when tapped. They are strong versus wood and glass so you can usually use them to break wooden supports that are placed at the back of a structure.

Big Brother Bird
The most powerful bird in your arsenal. It doesn’t have any special abilities, but its raw strength and breaking power makes up for everything. Since it is so big, it cannot be flung as far as other birds. However if aimed properly, just one of it can take out most structures.
Always remember, the aim is to take down as many pigs with a single bird. The best way to do this is usually to break down the structure that supports them. Try aiming for the structures directly below the pigs as well as support beams that hold the structure together.

Have you realised that when the White Bird drops a bomb, it flies off spinning? If you can aim it correctly, the White Bird can hit further structures even after dropping its egg bomb!
To hit something from the front harder using the Boomerang  Bird, launch it behind and immediately tap. This will cause the bird to reverse and go forward spinning faster and cause heavier damage.

Always try to aim at structures that if they collapse, can set off a chain reaction. Maybe they share the same foundation beams, maybe they have chains that connect to each other, or maybe they are just lower so that when a structure falls, it falls on top of it. Whichever it maybe, the aim is to do the most work with as little birds as possible.

Well that’s all the advice for you bird flingers out there. Have fun, fling hard and fling safe!