Monday, June 20, 2011

Can’t find the Blogger App in Android Market? Here’s the solution.

For all those bloggers who can’t find the Official Blogger App in the Android Market, read on to find out how to install the app to your smartphone.
There seems to be some unknown reason Android does not have its Blogger App available in all countries. Even when access to paid apps are granted, apps like Blogger cannot be found. Why you ask? Well I don’t have the answer for that.
But how do I get the App? Now for that, I do have the answer.
Step 1 : Download the Astro File Manager, if you already have it, proceed to step 2.
Step 2 : Download the Blogger.apk file to your computer. The current Blogger App version is 1.0.6 however I am unable to get the apk for that. The link given is for 1.0.2.
Step 3 : Connect your smartphone to your computer and copy the blogger1.0.2.apk file into a folder you can recognize.
Step 4 : Go to Settings > Applications >  and enable Unknown Sources ( Allow install of non-Market Applications)
Step 5 : Open Astro File Manager and find the blogger1.0.2.apk file. Open it and install the file from Astro File Manager.
Step 6 : Allow any permissions required during the installation.
And there you have it, setup your account and you have the official Blogger App running on your smartphone.
I will publish the updated version of the Blogger App when it becomes available. Have fun blogging!

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