Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Definition of Not Getting the Point - RIM

The Recoding Industry of Malaysia wants to block site jiwang.org as it promotes illegal file sharing. Sigh, I seriously wonder if they realize what they are doing? Have they even compared to how organizations around the world have tried blocking file sharing and have ultimately failed. 

You cannot simply block sites and hope the problem to go away. If they block jiwang.org, what is stopping people from starting jiwang.com.my? jiwang2.org? or any other file sharing site under a different name. The problem is not file sharing, it is the high price of sold goods in comparison to the buying power of the people. Read the full news here. Durianbot only hopes that someone at the top grows some brain cells and tries to tackle the real problem rather then waste the people's time and money. 

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