Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Should You Start Advertising in Your Blog?

Like many bloggers, I started a few of my early blogs with the aim of making money. Even before I had my content, I would have setup my AdSense account and positioned the Ads along my page. Then only would I start writing my first post.

However the one thing that I have learned through the years is that, when you have something else like revenue focused on your mind, blogging becomes work rather then your passion. Any post that you want to make will ultimately be judged based on how much revenue you can expect from it. Will this topic get views? Will people want to read this? Is it something new? All of these questions will surround you even before you start to write your first post.

Hoping to generate revenue is not a bad thing, however it should NOT be the only thing on your mind. First and foremost a blog is still about reaching to people from around the world.


When you reach to people, they should see what you are telling rather then be distracted by advertising. Viewers who are keenly aware that you are only trying to make money out of them will not be interested in coming back to your blog.

So when should you start to add Advertisements to your blog?

After you have setup your blog, start writing. Do not inhibit yourself by thinking if a particular post will find an audience. You are writing about topics that interest you, only then will your passion for the subject show through.

Come up with a certain number of posts that you want to have in your blog. I would suggest nothing less then 30 posts, you could aim even up to 50. At the same time be committed in promoting your blog and building your reader base.

By making yourself to write even without monetary income, you are developing the skills needed to blog with passion. By giving yourself the time to write the first 30 or so posts, you would have learned the skills to get past your first few writers block.

By the end of the exercise, you will be have disciplined yourself into becoming a blogger committed to your passion, rather then your online revenue.

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