Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where Are My PC Games?

Where are my PC Games? Where are the days when I will check game developer sites everyday to get the latest scoop on the newest PC Game that they were developing? Where are the times when I had so many games beside my PC that I didn't have enough time to play all of them? 

The fountain of games seems to be drying up. What was the newest real time strategy that you played? Starcraft 2? Ok but how long ago was that? What other RTS is in development right now that you are interested in? What about first person shooters? The upcoming driving game that has you excited? 

So many questions yet so few games to fill the gap. The big studios are playing it safe. Betting their money on existing franchises and titles that they will make money. Even Rage by ID looks like a cross between Fallout and Borderlands. Cash cows like Modern Warfare and Call of Duty keep churning games to fill their profit quota. But its economics, pure and simple. When a certain franchise is making me money, why shouldn't I milk it as much as possible? 

But then, what is the future of PC gaming? are PC Gamers always going to play second fiddle to consoles? maybe not. The future of PC games may not rest solely on multi-million dollar studios. Rather, it rests on the shoulders of Indie Developers. It is the age of Indie developers, where a single person with an innovative idea is willing to spend his time on developing his own game and selling it. 

This aspect is not exclusive to the PC Games industry. The Mobile Games platform are also fertile grounds for independent developers and studios to reach out and explore. Previously small developers did not enjoy having the opportunity to reach a large audience. With Steam, Android Market, and Apple App Market, developers have a readily available network to reach millions of potential customers. 

So perhaps PC gaming is not really dead. But rather, undergoing a revolution. As always, when there is a revolution, there are always people who can make a profit out of it. 

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