Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sins of a Dark Age - New MOBA & Strategy

Sins of a Dark Age is a new Free To Play game which is a cross between a traditional MOBA game and Real Time Strategy game. If the name sounds familiar, it is because this game is from the creators of the Sins of a Solar Empire. Ironclad games brought us a vast galactic empire building game with depth and unique visuals the last time.

Here they are jumping into the Free to Play bandwagon with their foray into this mixed genre of MOBA & RTS. There will be the standard game play of heroes pushing back and forth on the map. Now the unique twist here is that the creeps that push down the predetermined paths are in control of another player. This player plays the role of a commander and has full control of the creeps. View the gameplay video below.

In a normal MOBA game, the champions utilize the creeps to last hit and gather gold. Creeps on themselves are easily manipulated as they have a very limited action scope. They will chase the enemy champion for a short distance before going back to their route. They will rarely focus fire on you. Now remove all this and imagine a player in control of the creeps.

Now imagine the creeps pursuing you even into the jungle. Imagine a pincer attack orchestrated by the creeps as they surround you and whittle your health down. The maps are also unlike the traditional MOBA games. They will not be asymmetrical and will not contain fixed tower placements. Towers can still be built, but the placement will be at the discretion of the commander.

Listening to the explanation and description of the game by Ironclad makes us to believe that they will be a lot of variations to the strategy to the game. Yes it does have a huge potential for varied team play. However the problem boils down to the team makeup. The game play design seems to require at least a passing resemblance of teamwork. Which is hard to find in any random match up.

But if you could setup your own team of players, and fight against another team of players working together, the experience will indeed be what the developers are aiming for.

The game is not released yet, but you can still register for their news letter and get your username. Go to www.sinsofadarkage.com and register.

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