Sunday, May 12, 2013

P1 - WORST ISP IN MALAYSIA!! (Sometimes)

Dear P1,

You suck!

For those who are thinking of switching to P1, my advice DON'T do it!

Even Streamyx is better. Oh yes, I know many of you will be like... "No way man, P1 should at least be better then Streamyx!".

Guess what, you are wrong. Let me list you the top 4 reasons why P1 made me into its biggest hater.

1. You will lose connection. For up to 10 days!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I did not have internet for 5 days from P1. The excuse? They don't know, cuz none of the people in Customer-care know anyone in Technical Dept who has an answer. It is just email pushing your reports in hopes of some faceless man will get it done. Also they don't know who will do the repair, cuz its all contractors. I'm fine with this, but giving a completion date of 5 days is UNACCEPTABLE!! Even after 5 days, they come and tell me that it will take ANOTHER 5 DAYS!!!....

2. Customer care has zero efficiency. I called customer care in the morning wanting to complain but guess what? they only start at 9. So when most offices start at 8, a customer with connection problem will have to wait an hour just to lodge a report, which I find stupid. Even better, after I got really pissed on the 6th day (yes, I am a very very patient man) I wanted to talk with the manager. Guess what? the manager was not in the office at 9.30am! Called back at 10.00am and he "Just came in!"... WTF?

3. Receptionists/Customer care are Rude. Imagine yourself, boiling over after 5 days without internet. You call customer care, asking "Hey, what happened man? this ain't cool yo..." (that's me being cool). They start blabbering about taking another 5 days to work it out. I hear my ears pop with the hot rage welling up within "Are you joking! this is not acceptable! you cant expect me to wait ANOTHER 5 DAYS ...(click)... for my... hello? hello?" Yes they will disconnect your line if they think you gonna rant.

4. It will suck, always. This total internet loss is not the first time. Heck it is like a weekly occurrence.  Usually its like half a day, at max it was days a couple of months back. So I was like, ts OK man they will get better. Their service is still new in my area.... I was very, very wrong.

This whole issue is making me really, really, REALLY....

Oh wait....

The line is back... (Sounds of switching over from phone hotspot to wifi)

P1, you got to get your act together man. Don't make me feel like I'm living in a 3rd world country. We are better then this. (Insert motivational quote here).

PS. By the way, the first indication of UNIFI of Maxis Broadband in my area, I'm jumping ship. You've hurt me too much P1... It's time for me to let you go......


  1. Hi, P1 Internet service is not really good as they mention,but accept able, my area is Kota Damansara, using unlimited plan including phone service which is very bed average cant make call engage tone on my phone , if call some one complain cant hear you, many time call same thing, showing coverage strength good,

    Mr Malick Email

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  3. i 100% agree with the bro P1 suck i am facing the same problem here in seremban

  4. 2018, P1 still sucks. Download speed not even 1mbps!