Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dungeon Siege 3 Demo Launched

You know, I have played both Dungeon Siege 1 & Dungeon Siege 2 but unfortunately I always got bored half way through. It was never as good as the Al-Mighty Diablo series but I guess some people liked it that here we have the beta for Dungeon Siege 3.

I don't really remember why I got bored, but it most probably had to do with the stale back story and lore of the world. The world of Dungeon Siege does not hold the awe of Diablo, Witcher, or even Dragon Age. Yes, yes, I know it is not a true RPG, but neither is Diablo.

Well it could also be the very generic setting, I mean tell me what was the most awesome moment in the previous Dungeon Siege games? I don't really remember any, so pardon the initial bias.

Either way the big news is that the PC demo has been launched and is only available via Steam, so yeah for those of us without Steam I really have no idea where else you can get it.

For the fans who want to have a taste of the game, have look at the links below for a play through of the PC Demo.

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