Thursday, June 9, 2011

Witcher 2 is awesome, right until Chapter 3!

Many out there must have already finished Witcher 2. It was a refreshing experience playing Witcher 2 after sitting through kid friendly games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age 2. The politics was confusing, the names hard to remember, and obscure references to the past which was important but ultimately just flew past since I did not get the significance. This is not a bad thing as it was this grand scheming that at times made me feel that I was meddling in places beyond my power and reach. 

Having the option to kill a king with ultimately no consequences puts so much weight unto your shoulders. A king of a nation, defiant till the end but ultimately his life was in your hands. A Witcher both reviled and hated. But the weakness was that the effect of such a treasonous act was never explored. Sure I killed the king but so what? 

You only receive mentions of big events by some other characters which maybe due to your previous actions. But there was a lack of reinforcement, a lack of emotional attachment to your actions. 

But the biggest let down was of course Chapter 3 and the Epilogue. It was a rushed job and there is no doubt about it. So much stories, arcs and intrigue forgotten and a summary given to us by the main characters. There was so much build up, yet somehow all the build up was lost and forgotten. One can only feel regret of how truly great the ending would have been if the quality and execution was maintained until the end. 

Don't take me wrong way, there are so many great things about Witcher 2, it is just the disappointment that it never reaches its potential that ruins the ending for many.  

Enough of ranting, Witcher 2 is an awesome game and you should go play it. Then come and rant about the ending after you have finished it. 

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