Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dying Malaysian PC Game Magazines

Is it that Malaysian PC Gamers are a dull bunch that the gaming magazines circulated in Malaysia have such an abysmal online presence? Not to say that I know all the gaming magazines circulated in Malaysia, but the 2 that I know of are PC Gamer Malaysia and GameAxis

What bothers me is that when you visit the homepage of PC Gamer, the most recent update is from 15 Jan 2010!! How shocking is that? The forums seem dead and practically no community exists. Conditions are slightly better at GameAxis but the amount of articles are pitifully low. However we really cannot consider this as a Malaysian community as GameAxis is published by a Singaporean company and have a Singaporean community. 

I buy both magazines when they are available and I know for a fact that PC Gamer Malaysia does a lot of coverage on local gaming scenes. Local game launches and even reviews can be found in their published magazines, yet their website is sorely in need of a revamp. 

One could argue that the Malaysian gaming community is perhaps far more active at Lowyat Forums. But PC Gamer Malaysia with their monthly circulation of printed magazines could have leveraged on their strengths. Perhaps they did, perhaps they didn't. I am not one to judge, but the point being the existence of a fractured community of Gamers in Malaysia. 

Let us look forward to change this in the future. 

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