Thursday, June 9, 2011

From Dust looks Epic!

For any of you who have been following the current E3 you are likely to have missed 'From Dust'. It's a pity though as 'From Dust' displays a lot of potential and has even piqued my interest in it.

The concept reminds one of Populous and Black & White games. However 'From Dust' succeeds in creating its own unique setting and interesting world design. It is being promoted as designed by a French Game Designer named Eric Chahi who is best known as the creator of Another World

If you remember Another World than you must be a gamer from 1991 (the year it was released) unfortunately for me I did not have the pleasure of owning a PC until 1998. Yes I realize that roughly splits me being labeled as 'Old' by half the readers and 'Young' by the other half. I would like to rub it in the second half.  

Have a look at their website at as well as some of their E3 trailers below.

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