Monday, June 13, 2011

Hitman Absolution - What Have They Done?

One of my all time favorite game series has to be Hitman. From the first Hitman: Codename 47 until the recent Hitman: Blood Money, I have played them all and have  fond memories of most of the games and missions. Therefore I was more then excited when Hitman: Absolution was announced. But as more information was released, my faith has wavered significantly. Let us just explore some of the confirmed features and plot devices that have been announced so far. 
  • Agent 47’s handler, Diana Burnwood, has a “close relationship” with 47 in Absolution.
  • It has been confirmed by the developer that Diana will get kidnapped mid-game.
Wait, what? Putting close relationship in quotes does not change the implied meaning that Agent 47 may have... and I am forced to say this... may have feelings for Diana. When did 47 think of settling down and raising a family? I really despise games that try to bring drama and emotion by randomly initiating romance between characters. I actually flinched watching 47 kill an innocent messenger in one of the cut scenes. Have a look at it below.

That is a cold blooded killer. An assassin, not some vigilante hero out for justice. If we took 47 and put him in another game, he would be the damn villain, not a villain with a "close relationship".
  • It has been confirmed by the developers that the game is only going to be set in the United States, with one portion taking place in Chicago. Other locations are unconfirmed.
This is really disappointing. One of the best moments I had while playing 47 was when he went to KLCC, Malaysia. Being a Malaysian, that was an epic moment for me. Although the whole thing was very wrong and showed a serious lack of research by the developer, it was just too funny to be mad about. What was wrong you ask? Well everything from the architecture, to the costumes (especially the police uniform, it was brown in game while its actually blue here). On top of that the voice acting was hilarious, but hey that was the first time my country was in a game (don't quote me on that, I could be wrong). Oh well, I can only hope that they do a good job with their locations in Absolution. 

  • Players will be able to set up elaborate traps. 
Well this sounds like the only piece of game play related good news. Only time will tell of how this is executed.  
  • There will be a moment in the game which will divide fans into 2 distinct groups. 
Guess what? I am already divided. I know it is still very early to comment on what this actually might be, but I have a feeling its going to be like some kind Good vs Bad scenario. Ethical choices is the trend in RPGs not here. But of course, I can still see another way this could be handled which could turn out well for the player. However it seems to imply an action done by 47 will divide the players, rather then plot progression. Let's hope they can pull it off and maintain the character of 47. 

Either way, many of what is discussed here are pure assumptions based on what little information that has been released to the press. We can only wait and see how developer IO Interactive plans to continue this beloved franchise. 

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