Monday, June 13, 2011

Hitman Absolution - Gameplay Leaked!

Hitman: Absolution gameplay has been leaked online. Have a look at the video at the leaked gameplay. The video cuts in between the previously released trailer and repeats the in game footage in slow motion. Doesn't feel like what IO Interactive wanted to release, but hey it is leaked footage. 

Observing the leaked footage shows improved graphics and facial animation. It also seems that 47 can use objects around him to execute or incapacitate the guards in a more physical way. However the bust which 47 uses disappears and appears in his hand, which shows a lack of animation. I would attribute this to the game being in the alpha version rather then take it as the final quality.  

Using a bust to bust the guard
Cover system in action

The game also enters into slow motion during certain high action periods, indicating an effort for a more cinematic feel. There is also a cover system, should be useful for heavy gun play segments. 

Hostage taking is as familiar as ever, but the guards do seem to have different body sizes. It was mentioned that 47 would need to change into cloths from individuals which are around his size for his disguise to work. The image of the guards pointing guns and just fumbling around while you hold a hostage is a reminder from previous games. Perhaps an improvement in AI reaction when you take hostages would be a nice touch. 

How do you take that fat guard as a hostage?

A helicopter is seen in the last scene which may indicate an in game scenario where 47 may need to dodge the helicopter while scaling rooftops. It's just a guess but may play out nicely as a gameplay element if included. 

Tattooed barcode on your head acts as a lighting protector!

That's all for now, we can only wait for the official gameplay trailer to show more juicy Hitman: Absolution info. 

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