Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where's My Chicken? + Heyzap (And other news + teaser)


We were recently approached by Heyzap to have "Where's My Chicken?" featured in their app. For a small developer like us, the ability to reach as many people as possible is the greatest challenge. So when a app which promotes games approaches you, you quickly jump on the wagon and see what ride it takes you on.

For starters, Where's My Chicken? spots the Heyzap Checkin button now. We will also be featured starting on the 15th of May 2012. I have no idea how big a difference this will make for us. So this post and subsequent posts will serve as a research on the effectiveness of Heyzap.

Just as an update for all, we have had a bit of a slump from last month. Strangely, our daily downloads reflect the download trend of "Angry Birds Space". There has been a steady decline in both Where's My Chicken? and Angry Birds Space since the past 3 weeks. For us it has now stabilized around 500 to 1000 downloads per day. A far cry from the 8,000 downloads per day we had earlier.

Previously our largest user base was from Malaysia and China. This has shifted with downloads from Malaysia having a steady decline. However the good news is that downloads from USA has seen a steady increase. Currently they make up over 50% of our downloads.

Here's hoping that Heyzap can  increase our game downloads! 1 Million Downloads, we hope to see you soon!

By the way, here's a teaser of our upcoming game! Be very very excited!

Version 0.3

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