Monday, June 13, 2011

Far Cry 3 E3 2011 Walkthrough

Enjoy this Far Cry 3 walkthrough from E3 2011. I have always preferred the free form and low tech of Far Cry compared to the high end Sci-fi of Crysis. In the first Far Cry I was the group of people who loved the first part and hated the second part with the damn mutants. Crysis vs Far Cry 2? Far Cry 2 all the way! 

Far Cry 3 looks to be repeating many of the positive things from Far Cry 2. An interesting island with a large mountain in the middle and other interesting geographical details. The guns feel hefty and real. Graphics look good with excellent lighting and shadows. Stealth kills look to be expanded with increased ways of executing them. Enemies also have varied animation and reaction. The main antagonist looks to be an insane mohawk guy. Voice acting is also good. 

However there seems to be this arcady point system jumping in front you whenever you shoot enemies and execute stealth kills. Experience points maybe? We will keep a close ear to the ground for more Far Cry 3 info. 

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